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Want to work and live in Singapore? You need a valid Singapore work pass.

Singapore work passWe offer a full range of Singapore work pass application services to enable professionals, senior executive and their dependants to work and live in Singapore. Whether you are an entrepreneur, qualified and experienced professional or a skilled worker, we can advise on the most appropriate work pass for you and assist with applying for it.

Singapore has a range of temporary, non-immigrant visas as well as  permanent, immigrant visas. The Singapore work pass requirements, processing times, eligibility periods and benefits for accompanying family members will  depend on the visa type.

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Types of Singapore Work Visas

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We deal with numerous EP applications and appeals on a daily basis. This provides us with a unique insight into MOM trends as they evolve.

Although we can’t guarantee a successful application, we do have a very high success rate. By engaging our professional expertise, you are likely to increase the chances of a successful application.